Bob Rowe Music


Bob has been involved in the creative media for nearly half a century. In the 1960’s he ran one of Nottingham’s first professional recording studios - and has been playing guitar and keyboards from the age of 8. From a musical family - his father John ran a 12 piece dance band in the 30’s and 40’s playing piano and violin - Bob formed his first band whilst still in his early teens. During the down time in his studio, he recorded multi=track music - inspired by the likes of guitar wizard Les Paul and later Hank Marvin of The Shadows.

Tracks recorded by Bob featured regularly on national BBC Radio 2 programmes such as The Tony Brandon’ and ‘Jimmy Young’ shows. Locally, he had his own weekly show of his music on BBC Local Radio which ran for nearly three years. He also had an album released by DJM, a label run by the Beatles music publisher, Dick James - and had singles released by EMI, Jam and Charisma Records. He currently plays bass with the band ‘Flashback UK’

In addition to music, Bob’s interests have branched out to include photography - and in 2009 was made an Honorary life member of the Royal Photographic Society. He currently runs the photo training organisation, with professional Nottingham photographer, Martine Hamilton Knight.


Overall the project took about a year to complete. Most of the tunes feature between 25 and 40 individual tracks which Bob played separately and mixed later.

Usually, the drum programming was the first job after Bob created the arrangement - following which a rhythm guitar track was made on either acoustic or electric guitar. Next came the bass guitar. Bob used one of three. Either a Fender Precision, a Music Man 5 String or a copy of Paul McCartney’s ‘Beatle’ violin bass. Many of the tracks feature the electric guitar as the lead instrument - the sounds here coming from either a Fender Stratocaster ‘56 Custom Shop model, a Burns Marvin or a Gibson Les Paul. The acoustic guitar was a Hoya classic from 1966. When it came to keyboards, the main ones used included a Korg M1 and a Nord Stage 2 as well as numerous synth modules.

Once all the tracks were laid, Bob mixed and balanced them, with echo, reverberation and other effects added as necessary. The process is very akin to a painter creating a piece of art. With so many creative options, each piece has its own sound and feel.

Bob would like to express his sincere thanks to software guru and musician Tom Bacon, who helped him out technically after the many computer glitches he suffered along the way! Following mixing, the finished tracks were mastered and prepared for CD by JP Braddock at Formation Audio My thanks to him for his work too. Bob would also like to thank his daughter, Fiona Russell who provided the twelve tracks of harmony vocals on ‘Bye Bye Blues’.

Bob hopes you think it was worth it and you enjoy the end result.